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You versus us mentality

Published 5:43pm Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Appointments to boards, waterlines and humane society funding are just several of the many issues the Bulletin staff feels have been turned into political folly in recent years.

What good does it do a county of 20,000 people to play politics? Moves made by county leaders shouldn’t be based on what side of the party line someone sits.

Playing politics certainly isn’t saving anyone money.

How many county employees must be paid for additional hours spent at these meetings and for the work after the fact? How much are we paying an attorney for the extra hours?

When the county is debating something meaningful – such as the rezoning of the White Oak development, safety in our schools or funding for police – we see the necessity for extended meetings; real work is being done.

Meetings shouldn’t be held up, however, because one member feels singled out, nor should an atmosphere exist within our leadership that singles out. We need our leaders to work together to come to compromises and real solutions. This won’t happen if our leaders continue to perpetuate a you versus us mentality.

- Tryon Daily Bulletin  editorial staff

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