“We worked too hard, but we had the greatest crew”

Published 4:58pm Monday, July 8, 2013

I didn’t work at the paper then but I assured Dad, I could clean it and cut it up.

His comment to me was, “How can a city girl know how to do that?” I didn’t tell him until after I had completed the task that I had never done it before but I had observed many chickens being cleaned.

Seth tells me that when he was growing up that the movie theater would give them passes in exchange for advertising; consequently, I think he saw every movie several time.

Through the years we had press troubles. One night we fed the Kelly-C press by hand in order to get the paper printed. Jerry Lawrence stayed with us to 2:30 a.m. to get the paper out. (He was just helping us out.) After we got the paper together we had to deliver them to Campobello, Columbus and Mill Spring. Because they locked the Tryon Post Office up at night, we had to get the police to open up for us.

When new people came to town and would subscribe to the paper, we would interview them so we could introduce them to the community. One couple who spent time in the spring and fall in the area, when they returned to their home in the north they would correspond with the new people and when they moved here they already knew a number of people.

We always tried to make the post office by five o’clock so the paper could be delivered the next day (Our son Jim always had his paper on the right day in Rock Hill, S.C.) I guess we all worked too hard but we had the greatest crew. They stayed with us no matter how long it took. I was the gopher and when we were running late would get dinner for everyone. We may not have let them know that we appreciated their loyalty, but we couldn’t do without them.

I remember trying to collect delinquent bills and folks would say they could not get to the office when we were open. My reply was, “We are here almost every night until 11 p.m. and the door is never locked.” That always stumped them

One thing I failed to mention is the support of John Lawrence and the “News Leader.” Whenever we had press problems or anything else, John would print the paper for us until we could get it operating. We may have been in competition but John always came to our rescue.

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