Trying to fill empty spaces

Published 9:14am Friday, June 21, 2013

Last week while visiting the shelter, Lani called me over, “Lennie, we have a kitten that may need your help.” “He was being fostered with his siblings and was accidentally dropped and he broke his leg.”

“Can it be saved?” I asked.  “We think so,” she replied.  “Okay Lani, use my fund here at FHS and send him to Landrum vet, I’ll look in on him.” “His name is Ditto, Lennie and I think you’re going to like him.”  “Of course I will,” I replied laughing.

Later that day I received a call from Jeanette Larsen, her voice barely audible, all I heard was a tearful “Lennie.”  “She’s gone, isn’t she?” I asked and for the next few minutes no one spoke as we both openly wept.  We shared the joy it was to know her and the grief we felt, because her time was too short.  “How’s Bert?” I then asked.  “He’s devastated Lennie, even though he knows we’ve done all we could.”  “I know you have a dentist appointment in the morning, Jeanette. Tell Bert to put up the coffee, I’m coming over.”  “He’d like that Lennie.”  “So would I,” I answered as we rang off expressing our mutual love.

I wasn’t due to see Bert till 10 a.m. so I used the morning to visit Molly and Sasha, two of my previous wounded warriors. While at the vet, Elaine pulled me aside and pointed at a cage. “There’s your Ditto, Lennie, isn’t he adorable?”  Inside was this cute little tuxedo kitten with a long pink cast on his front leg.  “He’s a purr machine,” Elaine said, reaching in to grab him.  Right on cue the purring began as Elaine gently cradled him.  I have since held him often, but at that moment I lost it and went outside to pray.

Tears freely flowed down my cheeks as I prayed, “I know what you’re up to, Lord, and the broken leg was a nice touch. I’ll see that Ditto gets all that he needs as I’m sure you’ll do for my sweet Georgia till I get to see her again.  There’ll be lots of my kids there vying for my attention but she’ll know what to do. She’ll just push her way through till she winds up at my feet. Two more things, Lord, if I may. Tell sweet Georgia that she’ll always be on my mind, and thanks for Ditto.”

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