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High Speed

Published 9:11am Wednesday, May 15, 2013

To the editor:

Disturbed, yes I am.

I witnessed the high-speed chase by Columbus Police Department through our city. My granddaughter received her learner’s permit the day before this incident and I had allowed her to drive to the Waffle House for breakfast. I shudder to think of what might have been if we had still been on the road.

In my opinion our police department is there to protect and serve. I felt very little protection when I witnessed cars speeding by as if they were at Charlotte Speedway. Have we as citizens not supplied tax money to buy radios? Surely other departments could have been notified to block the roads.

Another witness in Tryon said the Columbus Police Department’s car was only inches behind the fugitives’ auto when they sped through their streets. They also said the highway patrol was four cars back and was not allowed to get to the fugitives.

It is my understanding that the highway patrol is the only unit that is allowed to spinout a fleeing vehicle. If this is so, then why was the trooper not allowed to pass the local units and stop the fugitive?

- J. R. Pack


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  • Dr.Bellows

    The Columbus Police Department will always get their man or person speeding in this case.

    They seem to have more money than they know what to do with.

    Why does a small town police department need a full time traffic enforcement officer?

    Why does the Columbus Police hide behind the guardrail on I-26 just under and past the Skyuka road bridge to gather funds from unsuspecting speeding motorist?

    Is this even in the Columbus City limits?

    The Columbus Police have a Police motorcycle which is one of the most wasteful uses of tax payer money I’ve seen.

    I bet the response would be it was acquired via grant money and it didn’t cost anything.

    Where does the grant money come from?

    Let it be mentioned that the Columbus Police Department Police Chief is a motorcycle racing enthusiast.

    Wonder what the cost was for the Laser speed detection unit that can’t be used in a moving patrol car to gather speed measurements.

    Looks like Columbus has around 4 or 5 new marked and unmarked police cars while most departments are getting by with far fewer.

    Columbus is a small town and the police need to start acting like it’s a small town.

  • lovetoclimbhigh


    I too was very disturbed by the actions of our local police departments and have had the same conversation with others all over town. Thank goodness nothing happened. I really think this should be addressed by a higher authority. I overheard the local police and first responders bragging about the chase and it made me sick!

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