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Silver Creek Community residents ask for noise ordinance

Published 6:07pm Friday, May 10, 2013

Planning board to consider in June

Several Silver Creek Community residents have asked Polk County to create a noise ordinance due to excessive noise from guns, cars and music within the subdivision.

About a dozen residents attended the Polk County Planning Board meeting held Thursday, May 9 saying they have neighbors shooting guns all through the night and revving engines. A petition with approximately 30 signatures was also presented to the planning board from residents who were unable to attend the meeting.

Silver Creek Community resident Ronald Deal proposed a noise ordinance based on Henderson County’s existing ordinance. He said he’s lived in the community 13 years and has people next door playing loud music to the point  where he has to wear earphones in his home.

“I mean, I can’t sleep,” he told the planning board.

Silver Creek resident Don Yarbrough said just before coming to the planning board meeting a person behind his house was shooting a gun and a person in front of his house was shooting a gun.

“And I was afraid to go out my door,” said Yarbrough. “It is a very serious problem in our area.”

Polk County once had a noise ordinance that was approved in June 2004 but it was rescinded later that year after the then sheriff said he couldn’t enforce the ordinance the way it was written.

Planning board chair Bill Ennis said the county at the time didn’t involve the sheriff in creating the draft and said he thinks the planning board should first get the sheriff and the attorney involved prior to drafting a noise ordinance.

The 2004 noise ordinance included decibels, which was the enforcement issue.

  • DanO

    I have never understood why Polk County residents are willing to put up with the extremely loud ILLEGALLY modified big rigs using engine brakes coming down the I-26 hill.

    I am tired of listening to hundreds of LOUD ILLEGAL trucks coming down that hill every day and night. The legal trucks are not a bother, one can barely hear them. An engine brake is an important braking device but it need not be loud. Every truck comes out of the factory meeting federal noise guidelines but some owner/operators like to be obnoxious.

    Many communities, especially out west, have gotten tough on this and contribute to a much more enjoyable place to live.

    The county could take in untold thousands of dollars a year in ticket revenue if they simply enforced existing state and federal laws about mufflers. A local ordinance would help address the problem.

    PLEASE incorporate engine brake ordinances in the county code and actually ENFORCE them.

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