George William Frank Esterling

Published 2:45pm Monday, May 6, 2013

During his life with horses, he was a jockey, a trainer and a huntsman. He also worked for the Firestones and Du Ponts then moved down to the Landrum area to work for Janet Peterson. After he left Mrs. Peterson and Glassy Mountain Farm, in his semi- retirement he worked with Dr. Bob McDaniel at Twin Oaks Veterinary Clinic.

To the very end, his mind was as sharp as a tack and he had a plethora of wonderful horse stories. He was an avid huntsman and his hounds loved him. His beloved wife Camilla died five years ago. She was his soul mate and helped him in the stables and kennels. They both adored dogs and had a succession of whippets, lurchers and Jack Russells. His last Jack Russell, Tina now lives with Dr. Bob in Gowensville.  An interesting tidbit is that Lester Piggott is a cousin.

George is pictured here on his favorite horse, Tantivy surrounded by adoring fox hounds.

George’s Epitaph:

On any course he would ride a horse,

For any amount he was willing.

If he thought he could win a race

He’d ride it for a shilling.

For jockeys come and jockeys go

But we thought he’d go on forever.

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