Learn to slow down and iron napkins again

Published 11:00am Friday, May 3, 2013

Since those napkins of Lucy Briscoe’s were made, we’ve been very busy. In the meantime we have forgotten how to treat our allergies with herbs that grow nearby. We have capped our springs and dug wells that require electricity. We have forgotten how to mend things that are broken or torn. We have forgotten how to live ‘with’ the land rather than ‘off’ the land. We have forgotten how to be happy with less.

Ginger and Riley Tickle were on a hike recently with a group of people, some of them “in shape” and some not. After climbing up a long, steep incline, many of the hikers were visibly anxious and agitated. At the top of the climb there was a huge 300-plus-year-old oak tree.

Ginger mentioned to the group that the tree holds strength and calmness, which we may be able to access with touch. She and Riley took time to touch and lean on the tree, soon followed by the rest of the group. Serenity infiltrated the group and they moved on, better after their encounter with the old tree than before.

All of us reading this column are blessed to be living in one of the beautiful places in the entire world. We have water and clean air, and are surrounded by a generous, caring community.

When you feel anxious or worried, do as our ancestors did: go outside. If it is raining and you can’t go outside, iron some napkins and start pondering all those things for which you are grateful. Then, go outside as soon as the sun comes out! Take the children with you.

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