Special Olympics – good for your heart, good for our community

Published 9:48am Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We should applaud Jane and Bruce Ollis, who fostered this event by pulling Polk County high school students together to ensure athletes of all abilities had their turn on the field. Not only did they lead this event, but they are also supporting students in Project Unify, an effort to promote respect and advocacy for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Jane said she hopes the Special Olympics’ spring games serves as a catalyst for Special Olympics sports to be held in Polk County throughout the year.

Why does it matter if these individuals participate in sports?

If you had been on the field Tuesday you would have seen the answer for yourself. These individuals have something vital to give our community. Their pureness of spirit leads to great things and we should support them every chance we get.

Many of the individuals standing atop the winners’ podiums contribute to this community through their work at Polk Vocational Services, their service in Polk County’s Aktion Club and their participation in school and church.  We make a difference by supporting and encouraging them.

– Editorial staff, Tryon Daily Bulletin

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