TFAC offers teachers competitive grants for Arts in Education

Published 7:25pm Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Teachers will be asked to briefly describe the project, explaining how it will use the arts to enhance learning in the classroom, and describe the outcomes they wish to achieve and provide an itemized budget. If they receive the grant they will then complete a final report and return it to the Arts Center.  The BIG grants are intended to be a simple process, with accountability.

In March the Arts in Education committee recommended that the board of directors vote to put this project in motion immediately to allow teachers to plan ahead for the next school year. The project will be funded up to a total of $5,000 through private and corporate sponsorship.

Board president Tim Brannon said, “We want to help the dedicated creative teachers who might otherwise purchase educational supplies with their own personal funds or be unable to provide the arts experience. This program will also allow our donors to directly support education through the arts.”

Questions concerning the BIG Grant project or the Creative Artist Directory can be directed to Marianne Carruth, TFAC Arts in Education director. You may reach her by phone at 828-859-8322 ext. 213 or by email at

– article submitted by Marianne Carruth

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