The house guest

Published 9:31am Monday, April 15, 2013

Tybal has already missed two transports, one for the eye removal and a second because he found a way to work past his collar and open his stitches.  If people didn’t know better they’d think we are cheating so we could hold on to him a little longer.  Actually we are in daily contact with Amy Padilla and her family and they are very grateful we are caring for Tybal until he gets home. Amy said, “I grew up with a one-eyed cat, the fact that he lost his eye makes me love him even more.”

As of this writing Tybal is healed and his collar has been removed.  Next week we’ll happily but reluctantly send him off to his new home.

It’s a funny thing I’ve learned about my kids, it seems that those that fight the hardest for life, seem to live it with the most gusto.

In closing I’d like to thank you all for the wonderful feedback I received for last week’s tale (One of our own).

It warms my heart to know that there are so many others out there who feel as I do about these magnificent service dogs.

God bless and, as always, thanks for listening.

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