PCHS land judging team headed to nationals

Published 6:22pm Friday, April 12, 2013

These students, and others on the junior team who won second in their division, spent months studying information on slope, drainage, flooding and surface water removal. They also learned about tillage systems and management practices such as woodland protection, control grazing and pasture management.

“This is the type of information people must use if they are buying property to build a home on or if farmers are trying to plant a new crop,” said sophomore Caleb Brown.

But land judging isn’t just about farming. Barber stressed that the students also must have a strong knowledge of all soil types and structures they affect.

He said when they head to the national competition they could be tested on any one of about six different soil types, whereas Polk County only has three.

Within the competition students are also judged on urban uses related to septic systems, basements, foundations, landfills and landscaping.

Barber said the competition exposes students to knowledge they’ll likely need throughout their lives.

“The type of information they study can by used in a career or later in life,” Barber said. “And even if they don’t use it in a career they will need it in their own personal life.”

Barber said the team is currently looking for sponsors to offset costs of the trip to the national competition in Oklahoma.

Sponsors already on board include the Polk County Farm Bureau, Carolina Farm Credit, Polk County Soil and Water and Polk FFA. Anyone interested in sponsoring the trip can call Barber at 828-817-0528.


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