Respect and humility

Published 9:06am Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where was she before the change of administration when surrogates for some current Commissioners, including one current Commissioner himself, wrote disrespectful letters to the newspaper about then-members of the BOC?  Where was she when those same people, including two current commissioners, came to our meetings, making allegations and slurs against BOC members in snide and nasty voices?

Where was the writer when, week after week, William Day placed ugly, false “liberty” ads in the Bulletin about members of the BOC?  Where was  she when David Moore placed a false and defamatory ad, not about a commissioner, but about a member of her family who was not even in office?

Where was the writer when, at the March 18 BOC meeting, every member of the BOC majority shouted down minority member Ray Gasperson, for asking reasonable questions about an important policy matter.

And where was she when, at the April 1 meeting, commissioner Owens made sneering and critical remarks about a citizen he named during the “commissioner comments” period?

People should know that the writer’s letter is just one piece of an orchestrated program to intimidate and silence those who disagree with the current board.  Their surrogates come to meetings to belittle and intimidate those who raise questions and speak out.

I’d bet money that a current BOC majority member, or a close surrogate, urged the writer to send her letter.

- Renée McDermott, Tryon

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