Polk approves resolution for own tag office

Published 2:14pm Friday, April 5, 2013

“I can understand the county perhaps taking a position like with the adult day care, where the county provided the building” Gasperson said. “I have a concern about the potential of growing local government to support something like this.”

Commissioner Keith Holbert said Marion runs its own tag office and makes a profit.

Gasperson asked if commissioners could add statistics to the resolution that states the county could make a profit. Other commissioners said they were comfortable how the resolution reads because it simply states that commissioners support a location of a vehicle tag office in the county.

Commissioner chair Michael Gage said the resolution is just the beginning of the process and from what he understands it will take a while. The resolution was approved unanimously.

Commissioners have discussed previously the idea of housing a tag office in the former library building in downtown Columbus where the high school early college is currently located. Commissioners approved earlier this year funding up to $800,000 for the school system to purchase or build another building for the early college to be located closer to the high school.

Polk County formerly had a tag office located in Columbus, which was operated by a private vendor prior to it closing down several years ago. Most Polk residents now handle vehicle tag renewals and titles at either the Forest City office or the Hendersonville office.

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