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It’s time for golf season

Published 9:32am Friday, April 5, 2013

The weather has been horrible…cold and wet and it has been hard to keep golf on our minds these past few months. However, better weather is coming soon and the season’s first major championship…The Masters is just weeks away. That means the golf season is here.

What can you do to get your golf game ready for the season?

I  suggest the following steps to help you get ready to enjoy your golf game this spring:

Check your equipment – especially your grips; hard, worn and slick grips make it tough to get the right feel and hold on to the club properly.

Start on the practice range slowly – take a lot of slow practice swings to help stretch and loosen up. Don’t just start pounding practice balls without a good warm up session.

Take a series of lessons from your P.G.A. professional – focus on the fundamentals at first…make sure your grip, posture and alignment are in good order. It is easy to get ‘sloppy’ after the long winter lay-off, so take some time to get your basics back in order. 

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