Polk to consider 4-year term referendum April 1

Published 11:58pm Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Owens said only two people at the convention stood up to say they were against the resolution.

“Your sources seem to be giving you false information,” said Owens. “Get your facts straight before you start criticizing.”

McDermott asked for the vote tally. Owens replied that the vote was taken by [yeas] and the [yeas] won.

Susan Johann said she’s concerned, actually very disappointed that there was a great deal of talk about partisanship.

“Partisanship should have nothing to do with local government,” Johann said.

She said people have been polarized. She also said she is an Independent and has had people think she’s republican and think she’s democrat. She said she’s not on anybody’s side except the people’s.

“That’s the side you should be on,” Johann said. “This needs to go to a referendum.”

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