Definitely a group effort

Published 1:28pm Sunday, March 10, 2013

I’ve often spoken of my angels and my support team, their value is most evident when I feel overwhelmed. These are the times when I feel this may be a little too much on my plate and one of my kids may not come to a successful conclusion because of it.

Droopy the Boxer-Dane I wrote about was returned to his owner shortly after I told his story.  Black Jack (his true name) is out of my hands and I can only pray he’ll get the care that is needed.

Buster the Chihuahua-Jack Russell mix was brought to the Upstate Specialists and had a very expensive MRI done on his rear legs.  The images were sent to North Carolina State University and thus far the experts are baffled as to what or anything can be done.  I believe he’s fine just as he is and in some ways it makes him special, all who meet him seem to agree.  Meanwhile he is being boarded, loved and cared for at Landrum vet at little cost to Lennie’s Fund.  I’ve sent Danielle Scruggs, my no. 1 Chihuahua rescuer over to meet Buster and I can rest easy he’s in the best of hands.

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