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Benefits of water rich foods

Published 1:45pm Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whenever we speak of “water rich” foods, we’re really talking more about fruits and vegetables.

Other foods do contain varying amounts of water, but not in amounts large enough to be considered “water rich.”

Milk for example, consists of mostly water, but does not behave in our bodies the same way water from fruits and vegetables does. First, let’s explore what water actually does in our body.

Think of each cell in your body as a house. This means that a patch of tissue would be like a neighborhood. By the way, the human body contains 50 trillion cells. That’s 50 million, million. Each one of these cells, or “houses” is healthy, sturdy and there’s lots of activity going on in them, because much like our homes, cells have many different activities going on inside them all the time.

Cells have little organs called “organells,” each with a specific purpose and function. These cells in our bodies undergo daily “respiration” where they use glucose, amino acids, fatty acids and other elements for energy. There is also something that takes place in these cells or “homes,” no matter what kind, size or shape … the trash has to be taken out. Even though our cells may be healthy, waste products do accumulate, and we need to get this “trash” out of there. We do that with water.

Now while drinking water helps, it’s not enough. The way I explain it to clients is this: “Just drinking water is like having a thirsty pet, and instead of offering it a bowl of water, you squirt it in the face with a garden hose. Your pet may get some water in it, but your pet will get more water on it.” 

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