Handle fishing in spring mindfully

Published 3:51pm Wednesday, February 27, 2013

After the eggs are laid, the next several weeks will be spent by the male and female guarding the new fry, 24 hours a day, from a seemingly non-stop barrage of invaders. Now imagine how difficult that would be for a fish after giving birth several thousand times, then getting wrestled into a boat, kept out of the water, then released. And that’s the best scenario. Just because a fish swims away, it doesn’t mean they are ok. Surely I at least have the lady anglers support on this.

Spring fishing can be some of the best fishing all year. There is nothing wrong with fishing during the spawn, just do the ethical thing and leave the bed fish alone. You will no doubt catch some bed fish inadvertently, so be sure to release all fish quickly and in the exact spot you caught them.

By doing the right thing, you are investing in the future of fishing for you, and our kids. Do your part to help insure the “brood of our future” make it to just that, the future.

Closing note, I have no bed fishing pictures to post with this column, I hope you understand.

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