Tryon gets offer to expand cemetery

Published 9:47pm Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The town doesn’t know exact records of its cemetery due to early records being lost in a fire that destroyed town hall in the 1950s.

The re-instated cemetery committee could be charged with creating an inventory of the cemetery.

Tryon Mayor Alan Peoples said the town has had a committee for 10 years. Peoples suggested looking into the idea of the town selling new plots to people who want to be cremated.

Peoples also said if the house on the property is in any kind of shape the town may be able to give it to someone to live there and mow the grass and upkeep the cemetery.

Peoples said a guy once said to him you can tell how people treat people by how they treat their dead.

Council decided to get in touch with cemetery committee members to see if they are still interested in helping and have Davis research the possibility of trading for the land.

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