Trapping should not be first choice

Published 9:22am Monday, February 25, 2013

To the editor:

I have a few questions for John Blanton.

Why is trapping and killing always the first choice when dealing with “nuisance” animals? The NC Wildlife Resources Commission does not have any compelling research showing a big problem in Polk County with nuisance animals in the first place, and certainly none showing that killing is more humane or more effective than the many alternatives.

Actually, beaver were extinct in our state until the early 1930s when they were re-introduced by none other that what is now the NC Wildlife Resources Division. How is that for management of our wildlife?  So now that same division wants to kill them off, along with their only natural predator, the coyote. Does this make sense?

If a man can currently trap on his own property as well as on land leased for agriculture, and can also trap on property belonging to others through the use of a permit issued by wildlife, why is it so important to trap on public and leased lands?  Who exactly are these animals bothering? What is the real reason you want to trap on these lands?

I fail to see any logical, rational reason for the lifting of the ban when you can trap pretty much wherever you want in the county with the proper permits for animals who are causing a nuisance. Who benefits?

– Dana Mayer, Tryon

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