Beverly J. Lewinski

Published 9:36am Monday, February 25, 2013

Something you offer that a customer will not find elsewhere: the agenda is yours. It’s all about you.

Advice to young entrepreneurs: Follow your gifts and passions-it will lead to purposeful work and a more meaningful life. Keep a balance. Find resources to fill in your gaps and use your strengths to the fullest-know the difference.

My first job: Worked in the retail industry-each day my goal was to make people smile and to provide excellent customer service.

Your role model: My Dad – he persevered climbing the ladder of corporate America-began in the mailroom at 17 without a high school diploma and retired in a senior management position. He never said, “I can’t.” In 1965, I was chosen to be Miss Junior Achievement and he wrote my speech: it was all about business.

The key to a successful business: Know yourself. Find good mentors. Pursue professional development and don’t be afraid to confront change; it happens to you or your take charge of it. The choice is yours.

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