Trapping cruel

Published 9:02am Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We urge you to contact the commissioners requesting that they table the resolution and work for the benefit of the entire community.

Their emails are:;;;; and

We want our representatives at the state level to be aware that many in Polk County do not want trapping. Governor Pat McCrory, 919-733-5811 (email him through his website,; Senator Ralph Hise, 919-733-3460 (; and Representative Chris Whitmire, 919-715-4466 ( ).

Despite the fact that the wildlife propaganda promotes trapping as the most humane answer to the problem of nuisance animals, and despite the fact that they assure us that the “new” traps are humane and that non-target animals don’t get into them, it is only common sense that any animals trapped, domestic or wild, suffer from exposure, pain, terror, lack of water and the inability to escape from predators.

The painful truth is that trapping is cruel, and that trapping and removing nuisance animals, or any animals, has been proven repeatedly to be ineffective.

Representative Whitmire, who sponsored H.B. 33, will be in Columbus March 8. You can call his office to make an appointment to see him to express your opinions.

– Stuart Evans, Tryon

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