Planning board agrees to work on steep slope ordinance

Published 10:21pm Sunday, February 17, 2013

The planning board also mentioned a letter it received from White Oak Township resident Ruby Drew, who wrote saying that while living in Asheville she was a victim of mud building up along her garage and house because others not taking precaution when building above her property.

“I am not against building on slopes,” Drew said. “I am against it being done by people who are not knowledgeable or who are unscrupulous about their construction.”

The planning board also heard the other side from Bill Wilkerson of Saluda, who said people say they don’t want building on ridgelines, but questioned how the county can prohibit a property owner from building on their property.

The planning board decided for everyone to work on the current draft ordinance, including board members, Polk County Planner Cathy Ruth and Steve Jones.

The board will discuss changes to the draft at its next meeting, which is scheduled for March 14.


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