True Love

Published 9:57am Friday, February 15, 2013

As  gentle as a feather

Yet strong as an Ox

Sweet as Cherokee Rose  honey

Or chocolates in a box.

Dedicated as a soldier

Going out to fight

Yet calm as adove

On a star-lit  night.

Giving as a child

Making a Valentine’s card

Or a dog just licking your face

When he’s let in from the yard.

Sacrificing as a Mom

With a new-born child

Or a man chopping wood

To keep the wood-stove  burning wild.

Patient as a Teacher

Helping  youngsters to read

Or an Addiction counselor

Reaching out to those in  need.

Kind as the Manager at the  IGA

Who sincerely wishes you a  “Great day”

Or the Post Office staff

That get your mail cheerfully  on it’s way.

Believing as a girl

Who’s  just been  given a ring

Or the Preacher at the church

And the choirs that sing.

Hoping as the one

Who’s just said their last  Good-bye

And a wide-eyed child

Who just smelled a freshly-baked pie.

Beautiful as the hairdresser

That’s just fixed your hair

Or riding a bike

Feeling the sun and fresh air.

Adventurous as a student

Just enrolled in a new school

Or the new teen-age driver

Out to test the rules?

Enduring as an oak tree

With it’s roots gone so deep

Two seniors lovinglygazing  at each other

Without more than a peep.

Forgiving as the one

Who’s just been hurt

That longs only for peace

And would give you their  shirt.

Who can understand LOVE

It oft seems too odd?

It must be a miracle

It must be of GOD!

“GOD is Love, and in Him is  no darkness at all!”

-  written by Annelie  Baer

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