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Published 9:51am Friday, February 15, 2013

In January, when the new administration took office, the MRPO was rescinded and passage of a proposed Steep Slope Ordinance was denied.  We can only guess what went through the minds of commissioners Gage, Holbert, Pack and Owens as they listened to Mr. Stott’s protestations and his efforts to convince DENR to relax the rules.

I know what went through my mind. First of all, the requirements that Mr. Stott and his development company could or would not meet were in place before the tree removal and grading equipment moved into action. Second, since all responsibility for failure was assigned to DENR and denied by Mr. Stott the very same thing could easily happen again. Third, DENR and DOT could not prevent what happened. They came into the picture after the destruction was well under way. Fourth, what we need are strong local regulations and protection for our steep slopes and mountainsides not only for the sake of our environment but also for the safety, health and welfare of the people of Polk County. Fourth, we had these regulations, we no longer do.

- Christel Walter, Mill Spring

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