Po’ Kitties

Published 9:13am Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To the editor:

I attended the county commissioner’s meeting on Feb. 4 because trapping was on the agenda. I’m opposed to legalizing trapping in Polk County. Our wildlife officer, Toby Jenkins, flanked by two state biologists, was invited to make a presentation, clearly pro-trapping. Where were the “experts” opposed to trapping? Why weren’t anti-trapping biologists invited to speak? What, exactly, was the purpose of having this presentation if not to oppose the citizens who filled the room who are clearly against trapping, marked by defining red ribbons?

Perhaps our wildlife officer was there to threaten “Po’ Kitties,” which I understand is a local group who humanely traps, spays or neuters feral cats, and then returns them to their habitat. Mr. Jenkins pointed out that the humane traps used by Po’ Kitties are illegal. Apparently, he has previously never enforced the law that could put a stop to this very selfless endeavor–possibly because it benefits the community by controlling the feral cat population and reducing the financial burden on local animal control. If he has never prosecuted Po’ Kitties before, then why bring it up now — at a time when the animal community is speaking out against the commissioners’ decision? It certainly sounded like a threat to me. 

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