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St. Luke’s Commons & Plaza: What’s in a name?

Published 5:56pm Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Armbrust said many people have questioned why the location would be named St. Luke’s Commons & Plaza. He said the mistake is in thinking the name originates from the fact that the location used to be a thrift store.

“While that was one of its former uses that is indeed not the reason it’s being named St. Luke’s,” he said. “St. Luke’s principal attribute is as patron saint of artists and secondarily as patron saint of doctors. Among the general public his association with physicians has superseded their knowledge of his association with the former. It is meant to recognize and celebrate St. Luke’s Hospital’s longstanding commitment to the healthcare of Polk County and Tryon citizens.”

Related to associating names with the plaza, Armbrust said there would be naming opportunities for citizens when the town begins selling engraved bricks for the plaza, as well as memorial benches and tables. Armbrust said about eight to 10 benches would likely be available based on landscaping plans. People can also purchase lighting memorials similar to those seen throughout downtown Tryon, as well as sponsorships of the pergola.

These memorial items will be available for sale beginning March 1. If interested in purchasing a paver or other memorial, contact Cry Armbrust  at or Meg Rogers at


    What I notice about this is the FIRE HAZARD OF WOOD CONSTRUCTION ON MAIN STREET. Long years ago the state of North Carolina determined wood construction on main street facing the street was a fire hazard in the business district. We all know the Town of Tryon is a corrupt government which does as it pleases and ignores many of the laws, rules, and tenants of society which other citizens of this state are governed by because it is a closed town monopoly of thought processes. In town the town rules and does as it pleases. The town of Tryon has cast aside the building codes which require only brick and masonry and relaxed the fire codes to allow all this wood to go into place in the business district on main street. This is shameful, well documented evidence of the rot of corruption in Tryon government. Documented in photos in the newspaper which the downtown development association supports fully and in fact sanctions as a fine idea. The great fire of Tryon will one day arrive and when it does this structure will be the kindling to ignite the rest of the town. By law, only fireproof construction is allowed in the business district on the street. Of course, we all know the light regard our town has for the law as documented by the building code.

    • fthillsart

      Although I agree with your comments regarding appropriate adherence to building codes, regulations, etc., the downtown development association (TDDA) is in no way a “regulatory board.” While we certainly encourage and support economic development in downtown Tryon, our organization is not involved with specific development, approval of building plans, or signage. The restoration of the old St Luke’s Thrift Shop building is a private venture. TDDA does not “sanction” anything.


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