Crews install trusses atop St. Luke’s Commons building. (photo by Samantha Hurst)
Crews install trusses atop St. Luke’s Commons building. (photo by Samantha Hurst)

St. Luke’s Commons & Plaza: What’s in a name?

Published 5:56pm Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project work moving along

A crew and a crane hoisted trusses atop the St. Luke’s Commons building under renovation in downtown Tryon last week and continue to make progress on the historic building’s facelift.

Tryon Economic Development Director Crys Armbrust said as construction moves along so does the town’s effort to secure grants for funding of the new plaza.

“It will certainly spur economic development and encourage increased activity in adjacent businesses. It increases opportunities for street festivals and music events. It too creates a convivial atmosphere for families and larger gatherings,” Armbrust said.

Armbrust said he submitted a grant proposal Friday, Feb. 4 to the North Carolina Department of Commerce’s Main Street Solutions Fund (MSSF). Proposal specs requested $50,000; the maximum Tryon can receive under this grant cycle. Last year the town was awarded a $150,000 MSSF grant for the Depot plaza project. Armbrust said that work is tentatively scheduled to begin in April with hopes for it to be completed in tandem with the plaza work.

This new grant, if awarded, would fund new sidewalks, curb and gutter work, plaza paving materials and utility upgrades.

“We want some aesthetic continuity and some visual cluing that this is all tied together,” Armbrust said of the parallel projects. “These two efforts will also be tied together through the Rotary clock plaza.”

Armbrust said he and the town are appreciative of the cooperation from and contribution of Bob Lane. He said St. Luke’s Commons & Plaza would, “create a downtown gathering place for present and future generations of Tryonites.” 

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