Slope solution back on table and rightfully so

Published 5:56pm Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In this case, if commissioners won’t consider the potential need for a slope threshold to prevent safety concerns or protect the aesthetics of our area, maybe they will listen when the implementation of a slope percentage would protect the county’s pocketbook.

Without some sort of trigger put into place, county building inspector Steve Jones would have to do a site visit to every building site before any work is done to determine whether or not an engineer must be brought in for further inspection. This would multiply the amount of work he must do each time someone applies for a building permit, plus potentially delay projects unnecessarily. Jones would still maintain all the site visits he currently does for construction sites, plus these pre-inspections as well.

Commissioners should think through this clearly and see the potential cost this could incur for the county and property owners. We know if we were providing direction to property owners, we would suggest an engineer come out to any property we felt any hesitation toward because of the potential liability.

One way or another an ordinance needs to be on the books provide guidance to Jones and future building inspectors.

Another benefit of this proposed ordinance to be considered by the planning board is that it gives property owners some recourse too. If a property owner doesn’t agree with Jones’ or another building inspectors’ requirement for an engineer they can then appeal the decision.

- The Tryon Daily Bulletin Staff

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