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Published 3:19pm Friday, February 8, 2013

To the editor:

At the commissioners’ meeting held on Feb. 4, our wildlife officer Toby Jenkins and two district biologists were present to support the trapping and killing of furbearers in Polk County.

I have a few questions.

1) Why was trapping and killing the only proposed method of dealing with the problem our county supposedly has?

2) Why would our commissioners agree to and vote for this resolution without questioning whether there might be alternatives and more effective alternatives to boot?

3) Wildlife biologist Mr. Short admitted that coyote breeding is self-regulating and that killing them encourages them to breed more, so why are they proposing that we trap and kill them to reduce the population?

4) Apparently beavers are ‘nuisance’ animals too.  Killing off coyotes removes the beaver’s only natural predator in the area.  Does this make any sense?

Research and past attempts in many places to control coyotes by trapping and killing them has not worked. Despite decades of coyotes being killed in many areas, their populations remain the same. The more progressive communities are looking at newer, more effective, more humane ways of dealing with ‘nuisance’ animals.

In fact, recently a workshop was held in Orange County, N.C. for animal control personnel and community members looking for effective ways to deal humanely with their coyote and other ‘nuisance’ wildlife issues. I understand the workshop was packed.

Killing is not the only alternative.  Nor is it the answer in a humane community.

– Dana Mayer, Tryon

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