It’s always about my kids

Published 6:59pm Thursday, February 7, 2013

There have been others but I think you get the idea.

I didn’t have time to take photos this week so I decided to send some of the rest of my personal animal family. It seems my kids were jealous of Rojo and Dolce.  Bruno is my brindle Boxer, Pablo is the Papillion-Chihuahua mix and Tony is the black cat in a rare moment of repose.

My daughter Kim still hasn’t arrived from Afghanistan. She was kept at the hospital in Germany for further observation and then went to Walter Reed here in the states.  In our last conversation she said, “Come hell or high water I’ll be there by Tuesday.”  I pray that is so, I sorely miss her.

As you all may well know, Dr. Sandy Davidson passed on earlier this week. She has left a large hole in not only mine, but many peoples’ lives. In one of our last conversations I asked Sandy to please check in on all the kids I’ve sent before you and I promise I’ll do my best to help those you leave behind.  Sandy responded with a smile and a thumbs up, an image I will always keep in my heart.

So to my Monty and my Allie and all my other precious kids, “you’ll be in good hands until we meet again.”

Thanks for listening.

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