Slow Food in schools and community

Published 3:12pm Monday, February 4, 2013

In December, just before Christmas break, Slow Food Foothills worked with Polk Central Elementary’s fifth grade class to teach them how to make healthy, easy & delicious snacks from basic and fresh ingredients.

Slow Food directors Barb Raymond & Mindy Wiener worked with Mrs.Walter’s fifth grade class in a “hands on“ demonstration of how to make three kinds of hummus; two with garbanzo beans, 1 with black beans, baked pita chips and crudites. Slow Food Asheville’s FEAST (Fresh, Easy, Affordable, Sustainable & Tasty) program was consulted for the dishes.

“We are excited to get the kids involved in making something with ingredients they most likely have at home or can easily purchase keeping cost & availability in mind. We will be incorporating their current math lessons of fractions, volume & shapes into our preparations as we measure, mix, chop and slice,” say the duo, who have been serving Slow Food Foothills in its Community Outreach and Slow Food in Schools projects. Community Outreach works to organize monthly potlucks for the community as well as the May and October fundraisers, Slow Food booths at area events and farm markets, workshops, and film screenings.

In addition to helping make the items, the kids served them on Wednesday, December 19th as they hosted a “book-signing” party for their families at the  school. The hope is the kids will not only be excited about the taste of these healthy snack options, but that they will take pride in showing their creations to their families & be further inspired to get into their own kitchens.

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