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Sweet Grass Farm receives third WNC AgOptions grant

Published 4:50pm Friday, February 1, 2013

He said the new bull would have a moderate frame size of 3-5, which relates to a mature momma cow that is 1,000-1,200 pounds. This is much smaller than what the average cattle farmer raises now, Smith said.

“This smaller framer size, which was the average size cow 30 years ago, will have much lower maintenance costs and will not only survive but excel on what the farm provides (along with some supplemental minerals) cutting out the majority of the expensive inputs,” he said.

He said these cows will also be easy fleshing, which is the ability to maintain good body condition, even on limited feed resources and they have the ability to efficiently convert lower quality forages into quality milk for their calves. The cows will also be structurally sound with good feet, legs, teeth, udder and more, according to Smith.

“These genetics, paired with our year round managed rotational grazing practices, which allow the forages to rest and regrow for a minimum of 30 days, will hopefully put Smith’s Sweet Grass Farm as the lowest input cattle producer in the region,” Smith said.

Lower cost, of course, means greater profit, Smith said.

Smith’s Sweet Grass Farm sits on part of the 397 acres that once made up Smith’s Dairy Farm. Randy’s great-grandmother purchased the property, located in Columbus, just before WWII. His grandfather, Frank Smith, has run the farm since the late 40s. Back then Smith’s Dairy Farm milked cows for Biltmore Dairy. The family kept up the business until the 1970s, when they switched to beef cattle.

“I would like to thank my grandfather Frank Smith for allowing us to use part of his farm to accomplish all that we have,” he said. “Also, CooperRiis Healing Farm has honestly kept our farm in business the last two years with their support to purchase locally raised and produced all natural foods.”

To learn more about Sweet Grass Farm, email sweetgrassmeats@gmail.com or find them on Facebook.

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