Democratic process

Published 8:39am Wednesday, January 30, 2013

To the editor:
Excuse me for saying so Mr. (James) Moore but since when is throwing away 10 years of planning, studies and hard work by scores of Polk County residents to preserve and protect our slopes, “in the best interest of all Polk County?”
Since when is passing a resolution to extend a lengthy and costly water line, not “for a certain group of people?” And since when is not having a published agenda for the public county commissioner’s meeting part of a true democratic process?
“Moving on,” Mr. Moore, does not mean to relinquish our rights, our duties, nor our responsibilities as citizens, to participate fully in the democratic process. It requires that we expect, and remind our elected officials to be true public servants, to conduct themselves with integrity, seek knowledge before making decisions and use transparency in doing so.
We did elect these new commissioners: we did not give them “carte Blanche.”
- Marie King, Tryon

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