Trapping barbaric

Published 9:22am Monday, January 28, 2013

To the editor:

I was appalled to read that the county commissioners recently voted to pursue allowing trapping in Polk County.

The public was not notified in advance about the discussion of this issue, and the only people who seem to have been aware of it were the commissioners themselves and a select trio of speakers obviously in favor of trapping, handpicked to present their opinions about coyotes and beavers being a problem, yet the request so hastily sent off to lawmakers includes many other animals as well.

One can only imagine all the other animals were included because they might become ‘collateral damage,’ also being killed or injured by the traps.

I like to think the reason Polk and Rutherford were not originally included under the bill legalizing trapping is because our citizens are kinder, gentler and more humane. In any event, I strongly object to the barbaric act of trapping and to the underhanded actions of the county commissioners in ramrodding this through without first allowing for input, discussion or a vote by the citizens of Polk County.

– Becky Walker, Tryon

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