The Fiscal Cliff, governance and guns

Published 9:32am Monday, January 28, 2013

What we need most, as a country, is not intransigent positions on governance championed by people with extremist political positions, but reasoned moderates that are rewarded for their leadership and steady-hand of statesmanship. We need leaders that understand that practical solutions are not ideological solutions and can communicate the value and importance of pragmatism. We need governance that advances the cause of society while recognizing the importance of individual freedoms.

The causes of society and individual freedoms are not inseparable but they must be adaptable. For society to progress and deal with problems created by population growth we have to remain fluid and dynamic. Ideologies are not fluid and dynamic.

Gun control would be a good place for us to start being pragmatic in dealing with a societal issue as well as individual freedom. There is plenty of ideological positioning taking place right now and I think it exposes the nonsense on both sides.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has dominated the politics and debate on gun control for a long time, but it’s an organization dominated by ideological wing nuts that think they should have access to nuclear weapons because they think it is guaranteed by the “Second Amendment.” They see the Second Amendment as having no bounds on owning weaponry. I love my friends and some of them think this way.

On the other hand are the “ban all guns” except for the militia folks  (Also friends that I love).  Again, this is ideological (wing nut) nonsense and really does create the “only criminals will have guns” scenario.  It also ignores the fundamental tenants of the second amendment and seriously impacts people that do hunt both for the good of wildlife conservation and to help their personal financial situations as well as serious collectors.

However, we don’t need weaponry designed for mass killing available to the general public. This is going to mean that the solution for creating a safer society is not going to come from the NRA or our “no guns” ideologists. We’re going to need pragmatic problem solvers leading the way and we’re going to have to “just say no” to the wing nuts.

It may be ok to have “wing nuts” in the debate, but they should never be given any real power to drive the solutions. They need to be kept out on the “wing” with the other gremlins.

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