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It’s time to move on

Published 12:59pm Friday, January 25, 2013

To the editor:

If memory serves me we held an election on Nov. 3 to elect three new county commissioners. And did we ever do that by a landslide. So the voters spoke. So Renee McDermott needs to move on because she did not win.

It appears to me that she can’t take losing. She is using the local paper to try and discredit what this current board is undertaking to do. This board is willing to make the hard decisions that will be in the best interest for all of Polk County not just for a certain group of people.

– James Moore, Polk County

  • Susan McNabb

    Mr. Moore, Renee McDermott has moved on. She is now a citizen just like you and I, and has the same right to express her opinion publicly as we do.

  • gpgoodrich16

    In response to Mr James Moore’s letter, I would like to say that Ms. McDermott has every right to express her opinion and I for one appreciate that she still cares about the governance of Polk County. How easy it would be to lose an election and just throw up your hands and walk away. I am also grateful that she has warned us about the current BOC’s closed door and deaf ear policy regarding the county’s business. I suspect the recent issue regarding trapping of furbearers in the county might be an example of what she is talking about. It will be interesting to see how many people show up for the BOC meeting Feb. 4th and whether the Board will allow them to express their opinions.

  • DorothyJ

    Everyone has a right to voice their opinion. I, for one, appreciate Renee sharing her view with us. She has insight I don’t have because I’m not in politics and don’t know the Polk County history of the commissioners. It’s not right (or nice) to try and silence someone. And the last thing any of us should do is trust that the politicians will make the right decisions for the people. Too often they don’t and when they do is because they’ve heard the voice of the people.

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