Humiliation and prayer

Published 10:06am Wednesday, January 23, 2013

He was standing within earshot.

“Talk to ‘John’ about whether another human being should be considered a person or not,” I said.

At this point the black man spoke up, “This is something: two guys discussing abortion when neither one of you is a woman — and neither of you can get pregnant.”

The words that came to me require us all to examine ourselves after 40 years of abortion-on-demand in this land and some 50 million dead babies: “I am not black and never will be, but I defend the personhood of a black human being. I don’t have to be black to do that. Neither do I have to be a woman to understand and defend the right of the unborn human being to live.”

Children are procreated in the image of their parents, but they are created in the image of God. To shed innocent human blood is an act against God and will be avenged by Him. Politicians who support abortion are godless, no matter what claim they make religiously. And nations like the United States, who practice such things, are godless as well.

I believe our Constitution is still worth defending, and that abortion is not in keeping with it, even as Frederick Douglass argued that our Constitution prohibits slavery. It is past time for the Christians of this land to support only those leaders who are anti-abortion, realizing that all who would excuse the president and become a party to his acts, “as often as you did it unto the least of these, you did it unto Me.”

Gather with repentant heart and pray for our nation and its leaders. Thanks be to Jesus, God’s son, who took human flesh and blood upon himself, to save sinful man from his sins.

- Pastor Thomas Olson, Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church

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