Flag should not be flown upside down

Published 10:55pm Thursday, January 17, 2013

To the editor:

Today I drove my wife to Landrum, S.C. in order for her to pickup her car after having it detailed.

While at the place of business, I observed a flag of the United States of America being flown from the front of a residence on S. Lee Ave. The fact of the flag being flown is not unusual. The way in which it was displayed startled and bothered me.

The flag was being flown upside down, i.e. the stars of the union were at the bottom of the flagpole. The pole was attached to the front of the home with the staff projecting at an angle but the union of the flag was not at the peak of the staff but at the bottom.

Some people have taken to flying an upside down flag as a means of protesting something. The protest could be an election, a government policy, or any issue that the flag owner feels strongly about.

Although it is not illegal to display the flag in this manner, it may well be that the resident is just not aware of the message it sends and that being the case, I would urge the resident to fly the flag with the union at the peak of the staff.

God Bless America and pray for our armed forces.

– John Allen Albree, Columbus

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