Polk asks state for legal trapping of furbearers

Published 5:40pm Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blanton also said Polk’s trapping season would be from Nov. 1 to Feb. 28 with restrictions applying to trap sizes and where they can be placed.

Polk County Cooperative Extension Director John Vining said he was representing many in local agriculture. Vining said coyotes have been a problem in Polk County for about 15 years and beavers for the past seven to eight years. He said local residents have problems with creeks being dammed by beavers and problems with coyotes killing small pets.

“Dogs and cats show up missing and many cases it’s coyotes,” said Vining.

Frank Smith said four dams that beavers placed in White Oak Creek have been taken out with some causing flooding.

“These beavers are damaging timber,” Smith said. “They are a very destructive animal and they need to be eliminated. We should cooperate with wildlife to get rid of these things.”

He also said he’s had problems with coyotes.

Former wildlife control agent Jason Kilgore also said he got many calls due to damage from coyotes. He said one man was losing his sheep and lamb.

“Regulated trapping is an integral component of wildlife conservation programs, as it controls abundant wildlife, removes nuisance animals, aids in restoring native species, and protects habitat, property and threatened and endangered species,” states the N.C. Wildlife Resource Commission’s website at ncwildlife.org.

Changing the trapping law will require a local bill through N.C. Legislation. The county will send the request to Senator Ralph Hise and Rep. Chris Whitmire to ask them to sponsor the bill.


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