K-9 patrol dog remembered

Published 10:14am Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Frieden VII (German meaning: Peace) passed away peacefully at home on Wednesday, Jan. 2; one month before his 13th birthday.

Chris Le Roy and Frieden. (photo submitted)

He was born on Feb. 6, 2000 to Ascoota Bugg Bugg (Sire) and Pebbles of Bedrock IV (Dam). He was one of seven siblings born from this Championship German bloodline that included Schutzhund champions and law enforcement legends. Frieden was one of the largest of their children reaching 100 pounds and the size of a miniature horse.  His size and color, he was registered as a sable, was striking and commented on often.

On July 5, 2000 he came to live with his human parents Chris and Melissa Le Roy.  Frieden was a gift from a dear friend who saw Chris’ love for dogs and his potential to be a great K-9 handler. Chris started Frieden’s K-9 patrol training immediately. Frieden secured a position along with Chris at the Polk Country Sherriff’s Department, when he was just a pup, gaining valuable on the job training. On Oct. 28, 2000 Frieden received certification of patrol utilization from the North Carolina Police Dog Association.

While on patrol Frieden assisted Chris and many other deputies with building searches, suspect apprehensions, drug seizures, protection and tracking of lost hikers and suspects. While Frieden loved patrol work, he loved being head of the house and protecting his human mom the most. After a year on patrol, Frieden was retired and allowed to do what he loved the most: searching and patrolling the house at night while mom slept and dad kept the streets and neighborhoods safe.

Upon retirement, Frieden allowed no one in the Le Roy household unless dad was home. Frieden ensured that mom and all the foster children and nieces and nephews who visited were completely safe. His favorite past time was hanging around the house waiting on company, especially the nieces and nephews who visited. They were the best suspects to steal homemade peach pie from. He also loved the attention they bestowed on him, riding him as if he were a horse, using him as a pillow, wrestling and of course throwing the ball, or whatever toy was the closest.

His body was cremated and the memorial post (We lost an important member of our family today. Frieden was Chris first patrol dog. He almost made it to his 13th Birthday. RIP Tiger Lilly!) on Facebook drew dozens of sweet and thoughtful comments from all who had met and worked with him. Melissa lovingly called Frieden Tiger Lilly because he could be as bad and mean as a Tiger, however most of the time he was sweet, beautiful and kind as a Lilly.

However you decide to remember your beloved pets, a great way is to give to those pets who are less fortunate and have not found their loving and forever homes. By donating to your humane society you can help make a difference in the life of a special pet.

– article submitted by Melissa Le Roy

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