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Published 9:34am Monday, January 14, 2013

Audio Books

Zero Day. Baldacci, David

Rope. Barr, Nevada

Low Pressure. Brown, Sandra

Affair. Child, Lee

Heading Out to Wonderful. Goolrick, Robert

Racketeer. Grisham, John

Flight Behavior. Kingsolver, Barbara

And When She Was Good. Lippman, Laura

Double Cross. MacIntyre, Ben

Christmas Garland. Perry, Anne

Lady, Go Die. Spillane, Mickey


Thomas Jefferson : The Art of Power. Meacham, Jon


Have You Seen Marie?. Cisneros, Sandra

Black Box. Connelly, Michael

Stockholm Octavo. Engelmann, Karen

Safe House. Ewan, Chris

Possible Life. Faulks, Sebastian

Shadow Creek. Fielding, Joy

Swimming Home. Levy, Deborah

Two Graves. Preston, Douglas


Return to the Willows. Kelly, Jacqueline


Dark Winter. Mark, David John

Dead in the Water. Stabenow, Dana

Child’s Child. Vine, Barbara


Encyclopedia Paranoiaca. Beard, Henry

38 Nooses : Lincoln, Little Crow, and the Beginning of the Frontier’s End. Berg, Scott W.

Sixty Two Years of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. Eifert, Phyllis Allen

Travels with Epicurus. Klein, Daniel

Southern Plantations. Lattimore, Robin Spencer

Wind Wizard. Roberts, Siobhan

End of Your Life Book Club. Schwalbe, Will

– article submitted by the Lanier Library Media Selection Committee

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