Big things and little things

Published 11:38am Friday, January 11, 2013

In five minutes Lily had her paws on my legs asking for some to.  I laughed as I rubbed her ears, “smart girl, honey will get you a lot more than vinegar.”

Tim and Melissa have a large family, seven children, who I was told are: yours, mine, ours and adopted. I was thoroughly impressed with this struggling family who simply do what’s needed to be done to get by.

There wasn’t a single complaint about life from the parents or the three older boys I’d met. All I witnessed was a deep love both for their animals and each other. They promised to help in anyway they could for Chloe was now considered a family member.

“You just take care of your family,” I replied, “and loving your pets as you do and I’ll see that Chloe is taken care of.”

I called Dr. Donna Raines at home on Sunday evening and she graciously agreed to take Chloe in the next morning.

I delivered sweet Chloe at Landrum vet early Monday morning and I’ll let you all know how things went at a future date.

Over the years my fund at FHS has held its own due to many wonderful friends who personally, and through foundations, have supported my poor abandoned kids who need help.

I keep their names private but I acknowledge each one personally to let them know how much their efforts mean to me and my kids.  I will not be able to release funds from my 501(C )(3) for a while yet and I pray it will grow for major cases in the future.

The bulks of my special cases are handled by my personal funds which are not tax exempt.  A few weeks ago my good friend and breakfast partner, Chuck Davis, handed me a large check which will go a long way to help Chloe and her pending procedure.

I don’t have the works to express what goes through me when folks with love and trust in their hearts say to me, “Here Lennie, this is for your kids.”

Thank you too sweet Gena, and thanks for listening.

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