Landrum lowers depot project costs

Published 7:56pm Thursday, January 10, 2013

Landrum City Council members voted Tuesday, Jan. 8 to award a contract for renovations of the city’s depot to Daniel Owens Construction.

The total project is now expected to cost Landrum $357,840, with a number of alterations made to keep costs lower.

City Administrator Steve Wolochowicz said the effort was to get costs closer to the $300,000 bond issue the city sought to pay for the project.

“Any time you go into a construction project you go in wanting the best possible options. Then you see the price and reality sets in,” Wolochowicz said. “This is taxpayer money – hospitality tax money, but nonetheless tax money – so I think [the council members] are being very cautious and careful with how they are spending the money.”

Wolochowicz said a number of the changes are changes in material. For example, he said they plan to use drywall inside instead of wainscoting. The original plans also included a pergola, which has been eliminated to save as much as $55,000, and a rear entrance. Electrical wiring will still be installed outside so the pergola could be added at a later date.

Council also voted to change out the type of windows and doors being used, is considering alternative hardware and light fixtures and plans to surround air conditioning units with landscaping instead of a wall.

“The timing is good because right now construction prices are starting to go up,” Wolochowicz said. “If we waited another month the project would have likely been more costly as materials get more expensive.”

Daniel Owens said he expects to complete the project in 180 days.

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