Tryon amends animal ordinance

Published 10:11am Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tryon Town Council amended its animal control ordinance to allow the police department to issue citations for animals running at large during all hours of the day.

Town council met Tuesday, Dec. 18 and approved amending the ordinance to state, “it shall be unlawful for any person to permit or allow any dog, cat or other animal to run at large within the corporate limits of the town.”

At large is defined as animals not under control off the owner’s property.

Previous wording included that after 9 p.m. the town can issue a civil citation for animals running at large. The amended ordinance means that a civil citation can be issued at any hour of the day for animals running at large.

Town manager Caitlin Martin said the town has received complaints about animals running at large throughout the day.

The issue of a leash law surfaced during the discussion since Harmon Field and Tryon’s parks have leash restrictions.

Commissioner Wim Woody said he doesn’t think a leash law should be implemented throughout town. Commissioner George Baker disagreed and said the town should have a leash law.

Besides at Tryon’s parks, animals can be off a leash as long as they are under the owner’s control.

Police chief Jeff Arrowood said if animal is loose the town will capture the animal and the owner can come pick it up. The town also has the opportunity of calling Polk County Animal Control in events when the animal’s ownership is unknown. The town has two cages to temporarily house captured animals until the owner or animal control can retrieve them.

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