Resolutions to improve ourselves, our communities

Published 10:13am Wednesday, January 2, 2013

With the birth of a New Year lots of people are making resolutions; resolutions to get healthier, save more money or be more involved.

In 2013, we’d like to offer a few suggestions to add to your list (and hopefully keep) this year. If we all did even one of these, consider the difference that would be made.

1. Show up to government meetings. 

A room full of engaged citizens holds lawmakers more accountable to those that voted them into office. You have the right to make comments at these meetings as well – take advantage and let your town council or county commission members know your opinion on the decisions they are about to make.

2. Grab one more bag of sugar.

When sugar, flour, canned green beans, etc. is on sale at the grocery store, consider throwing a second one in your buggy and then dropping it off at Thermal Belt Outreach Ministry. More of our neighbors are hungry than we know.

3. Try something new – seriously, opportunity surrounds you. 

New classes are opening up at the Tryon Arts and Crafts School, Tryon Fine Arts Center, Isothermal Community College and through many other organizations that can help you enrich your life.

4. Open a book, walk alongside a horse, hold a hand – volunteer. 

Our schools need people willing to read or mentor to youth, TROT looks for those willing to guide a rider as they achieve new things and Hospice seeks individuals willing to hold a hand through difficult times in life. The idea is to give of one’s self; in this community there are boundless ways to use your time toward the good of others.

5. Support your neighbors. 

We believe you’d be pleasantly surprised by the number of items – even essentials like deodorant – that you can buy from local individuals. And remember, this goes beyond a feel-good action. Buying local benefits our fire departments, schools and more. The taxes spent on these items filters back to our towns and counties to provide us with needed services.

- Tryon Daily Bulletin, editorial staff

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