PCHS coaches Alan Peoples and Amanda Simoncic with Crest Coach Brian Soash and Thermal Belt Outreach Ministry Executive Director Carol Newton. (photo by Leah Justice)

Reindeer Games collect 1,700 cans of food

Published 11:58am Saturday, December 22, 2012

“You can’t go wrong helping people,” Peoples said.

After the last minute collection PCHS donated 473 cans.

Last year’s games collected approximately 1,300 cans of food to benefit Outreach. This year Peoples estimates they collected 1,700 cans.

Peoples said during council’s Dec. 18 meeting that his runners like to participate in the Reindeer Games above any other meet because it raises food and money for Polk County residents in need.

Crest track coach Brian Soash said they made it a Crest initiative this year with the middle school and high school bringing cans of food for the cause.

Polk’s Amanda Simoncic thought of the games and created this year’s first Reindeer Round-Up award.

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