Protecting patients and staff of St. Luke’s Hospital

Published 11:54am Saturday, December 22, 2012

“Despite precautions, many people will catch a cold or the flu this year,” Dr. Dashiell said. “If you become ill, the most important thing to do is stay home and rest so that you get well and you don’t infect others. If you develop worsening of your condition or complications, it is important to seek additional medical attention.”

If you come to St. Luke’s Hospital seeking treatment from the flu, Dr. Dashiell stressed that the medications used to treat the flu are not curative but can lessen the severity of symptoms and decrease the duration of illness by about 24 hours.

Lori Rothell, RN and Infection Preventionist says, “St. Luke’s employees have been briefed about procedures regarding flu prevention, according to CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines. We have posted visitation restrictions. No one under the age of 18 is to visit the hospital. We know this restriction is difficult for families, but our first responsibility is to protect our patients. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of the community in keeping our patients and the staff who care for them as healthy as we can.”

Rothell said notices are also posted throughout the hospital to remind people of common-sense steps to preventing the flu, such as thorough hand washing with soap or alcohol-based hand cleaners, covering coughs and, if required or advised, wearing surgical face masks. 

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