Polk County takes hit from North Buncombe

Published 6:48pm Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Polk County Lady Wolverines found Asheville’s North Buncombe Black Hawks to be a tough challenge.

The Black Hawks were quick and aggressive with their offence. During the first quarter, Polk immediately saw the Black Hawks’ tactics in action. With the Hawk’s 3-point shot raising the stakes, Kara Overholt, a Polk sophomore, sunk a 2-point shot in return.  Lady Wolverines scored 9 points to North Buncombe’s 16. With a technical called at the buzzer against North Buncombe, junior Lyric Flood added two more points to the scoreboard.

Immediately with the opening of the second quarter, the Hawks raced down the court.  Aware of how tough the Black Hawks would be to beat, the Lady Wolverines stepped up their attitude and several tug-a-wars ensued between the teams for the ball.

Senior Savanna Deaver tried to get the Wolverines back in the game by pulling down a hard-fought-for rebound. Polk was unable, however, to land any shots until freshman Hayley Kropp sunk one in, then stole the ball back, allowing senior Shayln Brown to sink another one. With another great shot by Flood, Polk finished the quarter with 17 more points.

During the third quarter, Polk felt the gap on the scoreboard grow. Their hard work kept them in the game, but for every shot Polk made, North Buncombe would more than match. Unfortunately for Polk, the Black Hawks were well trained in rebounding the ball and getting it down the court before the Wolverines were even able to get there to defend them.

The fourth quarter was like a ping-pong match, with mirrored attempts at the net.  Even with several mistakes by North Buncombe, the Wolverines soon felt the noose of the time clock running out. With two minutes left on the clock and the score 44-58, and it became evident the Hawks were going to do their best to maintain control and keep the score right where it was to defeat Polk.

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