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Sheriff’s office busts 9th meth lab of year

Published 10:14pm Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Materials discovered inside a vehicle

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office made two arrests this week after discovering a rolling methamphetamine lab, or materials to make a meth lab inside a vehicle.

Narcotics detectives said they made a routine traffic stop Monday, Dec. 10 at Fire Tower Road and Shady Lane in Mill Spring. A K9 dog hit on the vehicle and officers discovered a backpack with all the materials necessary to make a meth lab.

Farrah Peeler, 35, of Landrum was arrested and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, possession, distribute methamphetamine precursor, maintaining a vehicle/dwelling/place for a controlled substance, simple possession of schedule II controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to sheriff reports.

Darrell James Waters, 36, of Landrum was arrested and charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, possession, distribute methamphetamine precursor, identity theft, possession of drug paraphernalia and simple possession of schedule IV controlled substance, according to sheriff reports.

This is the ninth meth lab discovered this year in Polk County. The last one was discovered on Oct. 23 in Sunny View where four children ranging from ages two months to 7-years old were also living in the home.

This week’s meth lab in the vehicle is the county’s 12th discovery since August 2011.

The sheriff’s office also confiscated Peeler’s vehicle in Monday’s arrest, a 2005 Honda Accord. Peeler was released on a $30,000 bond, according to sheriff reports.

Waters was still being held as of yesterday afternoon under a $60,000 bond, according to the sheriff’s office.

  • kimgnrgirl

    the laws need to be set higher in these cases, give them prison time then maybe itll sober them up. people need to look into it and realize that meth eats at ur skin and mind. look in the mirror ppl, do u not realize how much older u look then ur actual age????

  • polkliberty101

    All this use of the term”lab” is to create paranoia in the public, so they will be willing to trade privacy and decency for increased power to the paramilitary style police forces we now have in this country.
    Don’t say it ” if you haven’t done anything wrong you don’t have anything to worry about “. Just wait until what you do is on that list!

    These meth users are obviously idiots, they are choosing to do it because they want to, they are not going to convince me or most people to use meth so by in large the victims of this crime are themselves. Prohibition always has unintended consequences. One of those is to provide revenue to violent organizations. Then we as innocent citizens, innocent until proven guilty mind you, have to live with intimidating traffic stops, road blocks, camouflage police cars and swat style policing. The kind of things not consistent with a free society.

    Have you ever realized that now we are all “guilty” until proven innocent?

  • fallingman

    A “lab” in a backpack, huh? Some lab.

    And the toothless “chemists” were driving it around, which makes the backpack “mobile.”


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